From the Darkness Comes the Light, Earrings

From the Darkness Comes the Light, Earrings


Dark to Light Earrings


These one of a kind earrings represent the emotions I was feeling during a very specific, volatile time. June 2020, during the first wave of the global pandemic, Covid-19.  The Black Lives Matter movement had built up huge momentum after the horrific killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.  Everything was overwhelming. I needed to process what I felt, so I decided to channel my feelings into a piece of artwork. These earrings are what came from this process.


I knew I didn’t want any dark messages or negative emotions to be encouraged by this artwork. There is obviously, already enough darkness in the world. I want us all to unite and fight for equality. The future I desire for the world is one that is equal, compassionate, empathetic, open minded, patient, loving and steadfastly committed to preserving these ideals. I wanted to show that there is always hope. So breaking down the current global emotional climate, I could see chaos, darkness, pain, and fear running amuck. This is our starting point…now what? Then the adage “from the darkness comes the light” popped into my head, and I decided this was the narrative I wanted to symbolize in my earrings.  This too shall pass, and I have hope that we will come out a better more unified community and well on our way to equality for all.


I chose to represent the chaos, darkness, pain, and fear of our current times with a tightly wound ball of copper coated in a deep black patina. It is at the center, representing our current moment in time. Then spiraling out of the chaos comes the colors of the rainbow. Each color is indicative of the journey, the path we have to walk, obstacles we’ll have to overcome, and the unity that will be needed to create positive change. Each color is both attached to the chaos and leading us on to the end goal of respect and equality for all. All of the colors eventually give way to clear with specs of holographic glitter representing our shift from isolated individuals to a community of individuals, all sparkling and thriving together. Topping off the piece is a faceted, clear glass stone representing a more harmonious and enlightened existence.



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