Meet the Artist

In a world of mass production, how can you express your individuality?

Unique, handmade jewelry has always been a way to express yourself. Unfortunately, the vast majority of jewelry worn today is mass produced by machines with limited involvement of an actual craftsperson. Whittling away the potential power of its message as everything starts to look the same.

I have a BFA in metalsmithing and jewelry design and I rely on the ancient and new techniques I was taught to make high quality, long-lasting jewelry. I have spent years creating and developing my own techniques that showcase colors that are bold and beautiful. I make each piece by hand, using raw materials, and I test each design to make sure the pieces are lightweight, have good movement, and are easy to wear.

My hope as a jewelry artist is to provide you with new and different ways of expressing yourself through my work. From simple designs complimenting a casual outfit, to bolder unique designs for when you want to stand out. I want you to find pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, something that speaks directly to you, something that you love, desire, wish to celebrate or remember.

After all, you’re as unique as each star, so let your jewelry reflect that!