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Ashley Jay

Gazing Orb Earrings - Shimmering Teal

Gazing Orb Earrings - Shimmering Teal

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These earrings were a part of the development of both Playtime and the Looking Glass earrings, which are also a part of this small collection.

These little beauties are so much fun to wear! They swing and dangle in time with your motions letting you know they are there which you may forget due to the fact that they are so light weight!

The Gazing Orb earrings feature warm, non-tarnish brass wire that has been spiraled into bundles that are encapsulated in a beautiful shimmering teal color that has hints of silver and champagne that is then further encapsulated in a transparent resin creating the floating orb effect. They hang off of lovely silver chain and have silver ear hooks. Affordable, light weight, and so much fun to wear! Get these beauties while you can!

This piece has been coated in a UV resistant resin which will prevent yellowing.


Sterling Silver, Non-Tarnish Brass, Resin, Mica Powder


Height: 2 3/8" Width: 3/8"

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