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Ashley Jay

Looking Glass Earrings - Transparent

Looking Glass Earrings - Transparent

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These earrings were created from two separate ideas I had at two different times. This past New Year’s Eve I was sitting around my house, with the Rona when the idea for these earrings floated into my head.

These earrings are so light weight it is unbelievable! The non-tarnish brass wire has been shaped into circles that don’t quite align which allows the light to shine through and bend in interesting ways. The resin inside is completely clear, uneven and playful, as if frozen in motion. It makes me think about portals and other universes. As if the fabric of space time is being bent right inside your earrings! Also, did I mention that these earrings are absolutely lovely to touch? Smooth and round with hills and valleys and plains to delight your physical senses. They hang off of lovely sterling silver chain and have sterling ear wires. These babies are the only ones that exist!

This piece has been coated in a UV resistant resin which will prevent yellowing.


Sterling Silver, Non-Tarnish Brass, Resin


Height: 3" Width: 3/8"

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