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Ashley Jay

Triple Orb Ring - 6 3/4

Triple Orb Ring - 6 3/4

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This ring was inspired by a clasp I made 2 years ago. As soon as I made the clasp I wanted to see it as many different designs. I have finally gotten around to making it into a ring and I am so happy with the results! I have been wearing this piece a lot – it is so easy to wear, and I am tough on my jewelry especially when it comes to rings.

The Triple Orb Ring is hand made from sterling silver sheet and wire. I beaded the ends of the square wire so they have a beautiful and rugged texture which compliments the smoothness of the metal and the spherical nature of the color droplets.

Teal Ocean is a very luscious, bright teal with flashes of lime greens, blues, teals and hints of yellow.

Every single piece of this ring was made by hand.

Each color droplet is handmade by me using a process I developed over 2 years of experimentation.

This piece has been coated in a UV resistant resin which will prevent yellowing.

The ring is a size 6 ¾

If you love this piece and need it in a different size – please reach out and contact me.


Sterling Silver, Resin, Film


Size: 6 3/4 Width: 1 1/4" Height: 1/4"

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