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Ashley Jay

Twin Portals

Twin Portals

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These wild and fun earrings came from my love of the universe and play. I was just sitting around at my bench, avoiding what I needed to do while letting inspiration and play lead the way. The results are these funky babes!

Made from scrap vermeil chain links and filled with resin, starburst glitter, gold glitter, and silver balls. These feature the luminous film Luna, which shifts from transparent light pink and yellow to an electric blue with flashes of cobalt, periwinkle, light teal and purple. I allowed the resin to overflow the chain links which gives each individual piece a unique, natural shape. These earrings move and dance a lot! They are connected by a sterling silver chain which allows you to change the way they hang! These earrings are so wild and fun and they make the most delightful noise when you move your head.

This piece has been coated in a UV resistant resin which will prevent yellowing.


Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Resin, Film, Glitter, Chromed Spheres


Height: 2 7/8" - 4 1/4" Width: 7/8"

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