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Ashley Jay

Your Highness

Your Highness

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These are the earrings you wear to impress. My Mother was reading a book in her living room while wearing a different variation of these earrings when my sister and brother-in-law walked in and exclaimed how fancy she looked and enquired where she was going? To which she replied with surprise, “nowhere, I am just reading and doing chores, why?” It was the earrings y’all, they elevated her normal, everyday clothes to something special. Ooh la la!

These beauties are made from scrap vermeil chain links that have been soldered which resulted in the burning off of most of the gold layer - leaving behind just a hint - which gives these earrings their lovely champagne color. I filled in the chain links with resin and many layers of gold colored foil flakes. They feature a unique color combination that I don’t even remember how to make! The results of this mysterious color combination are stunning. These earrings shift from a bright mother of pearl sheen to a deep transparent raspberry pink with hints of tangerine and light pink with touches of fuchsia and purple to a brilliant teal-blue with flashes greens, and soft oranges, pinks and yellows. Quite a range of colors! Diamonds don’t have anything on these magnificent and mysterious earrings.

This piece has been coated in a UV resistant resin which will prevent yellowing.


14K Gold Fill, Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Gold Colored Foil, Resin, Film


Height: 1 1/2" Width: 3/4"

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